Winter 2019 Payment Plans

Please read below carefully to decide if a payment plan is right for you!

How do SHOW Payment Plans work?

+ A Pike 13 account is required to enroll in classes and a payment plan.
If you haven't made one already, please create an account with us.

+ Your Pike 13 account must have a credit card on file.
Please add one to your file under Payment Methods.

+ To do a payment plan, 50% of tuition is required to enroll in a class.
The 50% of tuition must be paid before the Winter Session begins (January 7, 2019)

+ The second half of the class cost will be charged to your card at the halfway point of the Winter Session (February 11, 2019).
A date later in the week can be arranged on request.

+ A digital payment plan contract will be sent to you via Pike 13.
The contract must be signed through your account before Winter Session begins (January 7, 2019).
Once signed, a copy will be kept on your account for future access.
Payment plans will not be confirmed until this document is signed. 

Please note: Pike 13 does not keep track of negative account balances.
We'll keep track of your account balance at the studio.
All questions about your balance must be made directly to the office manager at

+ Payment plans will only be canceled if the studio receives a medical excuse for not being able to attend future classes.
Schedule changes, inability to pay, and deciding not to take the class does not release you from the second half of the payment plan.
Collection services will be used if necessary.

How do Troupe Payment Plans work?

We can break up Youth or Adult Troupe payments into 1 or 2 payments per session. This comes out to 3 or 6 payments for the entirety of Troupe.

Where do I get a Payment Plan?

Email, call, or visit our office to set up a payment plan. 

Office Hours
There will be no Office Hours or classes during February Break (Monday, Feb 18th to Saturday, Feb 23rd).

If you need to contact us, please email us at for the fastest response.
We will check emails daily during February Break.

If your question can be answered via email, we suggest emailing instead of calling the office.
Phone calls will most likely not be answered, as no one will be working the front desk during February Break.
If you do call the office, please leave a voicemail. The studio phone number is (413) 527-6901.
Please keep in mind that you may not receive an answer to your voicemail for a few days.

150 Pleasant St, Suite #313
Easthampton, MA 01027