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Studio Policy and Procedures

SHOW Circus Studio is proud to release their latest Studio Policy and Procedures document. We are constantly working on improving our original policy, training our staff, and making SHOW a safe place for all students to come and learn circus. As part of making our studio a safe space, we ask that everyone in our community take an active role in supporting our policies. These now include our Covid 19 Policies and Procedures, which includes everything we do to keep you safe,  and everything we ask of students to keep all of us safe.  Please familiarize yourself and your family with how we do things here at SHOW so everyone can have a fun, safe time learning circus!

SHOW Circus Studio Policy and Procedures

Create Account/Studio Waiver

Make sure you create an account for you/your child with our Pike13 system if you plan on attending any programs here at SHOW Circus Studio. This system is how we process payments, keep track of registrations, store client information, and communicate with our students. The only information we will ever need is asked during the account creation process, so be as thorough as you can in your profile. You will be sent a digital signature request for our waiver after you create your account. 

You can select to sign yourself up or sign you and your child up.
 Please make sure you select the correct option. Parents are managers of their children's accounts on Pike13 which links the child's account to their parent's account. Parent are require to sign a youth waiver for their child.  If you ever need help with Pike13, our office manager is happy to assist you over the phone or email.  They can process payments, enroll students, and more! Reach out via 

Physical Waiver for One Time Events

If you are coming to the studio for a birthday party, special workshop or event, and did not register through our Pike 13 system, please follow the link below to print out and sign our physical paper waiver. If you have a Pike 13 account and have already signed a waiver, you do not need to fill out an additional physical waiver.  Returning students must sign our Covid 19 Assumption of Risk

Download the SHOW Circus Studio Liability Release Paper Waiver

Download the SHOW Circus Covid 19 Assumption of Risk 

Payment Plan

A Payment Plan is available for classes and troupe. They are not available for workshops, break programs, birthday parties, or any other programming. 
Current Session Payment Plan Information 

 Students of SHOW Facebook Group
With our Students of SHOW Facebook Group, you can stay connected with other SHOW students, post inspirational photos/videos, find training partners, and more! 
Students under 16 must get permission from their parent/guardian and have that adult also join the Facebook group. 
Join the Students of SHOW Facebook Group

Rigging at Home 

This is a very important document that focuses on the things you should consider before rigging aerials at home. A must-read for anyone new or experienced in circus. 

Rigging at Home Sheet

Training at Home

Check out our suggestions for circus training at home and outside of the studio. There are lots of things that can be done safely and help your training!

6 Safe Tips to Train Circus Outside of Class

Check out our online classes for conditioning, flexibility, inversions and more at home! 

How to Update Your Child's Profile

If you need to complete your child's profile for classes, camps or other programming here at SHOW, we've made an easy to follow PDF to help.

How to Update Your Child's Profile

Or you can always call the office during our office hours!

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