Physical Therapy Sessions

with Dr. Tom Naro, PT

SHOW Circus Studio is excited to offer an in-house Physical Therapist available for bookings. Dr. Tom Naro is joining the SHOW staff as an insurance free, direct way to get Physical Therapy on your schedule. Dr. Tom Naro provides a healthcare delivery service that specializes in body movement. This is a niche physical therapy practice where evaluation and treatment is performed on-site, at SHOW Circus Studio. Tom Naro is a doctor of physical therapy with specialties in body movement, functional activities, and ergonomics. Services are based on movement and function, injury prevention, injury consultation, and treatment. 

Utilize Tom to help you break through your current physical limitations that are holding you back from that next circus trick or learn how to take care of and maintain your body. Tom is here to help you with whatever questions or issues you may have, so schedule a lesson with him today and start your journey to a better-connected body!

SHOW Circus Studio Physical Therapy Appointments

General Appointment: $125/hour
Must be 18+ to schedule a PT appointment

Have an appointment with Dr. Tom? 

Download and fill out his Consent and Release Form before coming in.

His services are ideal if the following conditions apply to you:

Current athlete or performer with specific issues or questions
A need for a general body check-in 
Limited time
Return to work situation
Stay at home parent
Work from home
Traveling into the area
Prefer the studio over an office setting
Former athlete or performer looking to get back into movement 

Techniques Include

Myofascial Release: 
Techniques utilizing direct/indirect manual release, Ellipse tool, and cupping to promote a natural redirection of the connective tissue.
Beneficial for adaptive shortening or scar tissue crimping that may impair the connective tissue's function of mobility, stability, circulation and nerve excitability. 

Cold Laser with Microcurrent E-stim: 
A painless FDA approved medical device to treat pain by combining two therapies that promote the body's natural healing process at the cellular level.
Ideal for points of inflammation, tenderness, myofascial knots, and along dermatomal patterns.

Kinesiology Taping: 
Another tool used to promote healing and manage symptoms.
Elastic woven tape with contoured channels pulled into specific directions to facilitate local circulation and a neuromuscular reflex: relaxation or facilitation of a muscle. 

Dry Needling: 
Trigger points run and hide from the power of dry needling.
A powerful technique great for anyone who needs to release stubborn knots.
Also effective in cases of radiating arm or leg pain and headaches don't respond to traditional methods. 

Joint Mobilization and Manipulation: 
Classic manual therapy at its best.
Joints in the spine and extremities create two movements: rolling and gliding.
These accessory movements can be assessed and treated to promote mobility, reduce pain, and restore function.  

Foot Orthotics: 
Bringing the ground up to the foot creates a more natural support surface that empowers locomotion, balances skeletal alignment and can be used to treat painful feet, knees, hips, and back. These inserts are heat molded and form fitted to each foot in the sub-talar neutral position.
Additional wedges and pads can be added where extra support is needed. 

About Dr. Tom Naro

Dr. Tom Naro, MSPT, DPT, CEASI, CEAII, AOEAS was born and raised in Westfield, MA. With inspiration from his parents, he enrolled in the Physical Therapy entry-level Masters program at Springfield College. The outpatient Physical Therapy setting caught his attention during clinical rotations so he sought out work in New Hampshire in 2006 after graduation. In 2007, Dr. Naro completed the level 1 residency program with the Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy out of Woburn, MA. He earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2010 from A. T. Still University through a post-professional transitional program while working full-time.

Dr. Naro has devoted hundreds of hours towards continued competency training to advance his expertise in the examination and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. From 2012-2017 he was a partner, manager and primary Physical Therapist at a private outpatient clinic in Farmington, NH. Here he grew the clinic's reputation as a source of excellence in Physical Therapy and attention to patient care.

Dr. Naro has advanced his clinical toolbox as a certified ergonomist and created an on-site Physical Therapy delivery service for parts of Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. My PT offers traveling Physical Therapy services that seeks opportunities to improve movement, function, health, and wellness of others.

More Information about Tom and his services can be found online: 

150 Pleasant St, Suite #313
Easthampton, MA 01027