Circus Labs

Labs focus on practice and repetition with an instructor present for safety and guidance at a lower price point than standard classes or drop-ins


Ages 7+ (Unicycle)
Ages 12+ (Stilts)

Ages 16+

Ages 7+

$5 $5 $5

Click on a lab button above for more information, to register for it, or to see its schedule.

Missed Class Policy


There are no make-ups for youth students.

Adult students may make-up up to 2 missed classes a session by attending a Lab or Open Studio for free. 
This is per session, not per class enrolled. 

To redeem a missed class for a Lab, come to the Lab you wish to attend, go up to the office window, and let the staff know you're making up a class as a Lab.
The office staff will enroll you in the Lab for free and count it as one of your make-ups.

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